More Charges Filed Against Ben Schragger

Burlington County Times: An Associated Press article reports that a total of eleven alleged victims are now included in the indictments filed against Lord Ben the Steward in Pennsylvania. A preliminary hearing that was to have occurred on February 27 was postponed due to the filing of the additional charges.

The new charges filed by prosecutors claim that Ben the Steward had sexual contact with minors not only at his home in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, but also at two SCA events in other counties. Charges have been filed concerning an event in Carbon County in 2000 and at Pennsic 30, held in Butler County in August of 2002.

Schragger has pleaded not guilty on the previous indictments and is currently out of jail on a house-arrest and financial bond agreement.

A similar story has been published in the Morning Call and can be read at,0,7140114.story .

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