[EAS] Kings and Queens Arts & Sciences Champions

The rules for the competition are as follows:

1.  Since we believe that to truly represent the strong A&S tradition of the East Kingdom a champion must demonstrate skill in more than one area, each participant must enter at least three categories.  A single item may be used for more than one category if eligible.  For instance, wool that was hand-dyed and then used to weave fabric could be entered into both the Dyeing category and the Weaving category.  These three scores will be added together for a final tally.  If an entrant chooses to enter more than three items, only that entrant's top three scores will be added together.

2.  Each item entered must have been created within the last two years, and may not have previously won a regional or kingdom level competition.

3.  In the interest of allowing judges adequate time for thorough judging, documentation should not exceed 3 pages of text, not including the bibliography or works cited.  Extremely lengthy research information may be better suited to the Research Paper category.  If you want to include extra information in an appendix to educate interested artisans you may do so, but inclusion of "extra" information will not be considered by the judges.

4.  All written works - research papers, prose, written poetry and musical composition- require extra judging time and must be received by Alys Attewater (alys.ann AT gmail DOT com) by January 20, 2011.  Electronic submissions are preferred but not required - PDF, Word, RTF, or plain text formats only.  Documentation must be included at the time that the original work is submitted.  If you wish to submit paper copies of entries in these categories, contact Alys for the necessary information.  Entries in these categories will NOT be accepted on the day of the competition.

5.  All culinary entries must include full ingredient lists; modern sanitary considerations must be taken in their preparation.

6.  Performance entries must be pre-registered by February 1, 2010 with Alys (alys.ann AT gmail DOT com), so that arrangements can be made to accommodate them.  Performances will be limited to 5 minutes.

7.  Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:
1.  Authenticity – 10 pts.
2.  Creativity – 10 pts.
3.  Craftsmanship – 10 pts.
4.  Documentation – 10 pts.
5.  Overall Impression – 10 pts.

8.  Research papers will be judged according to the following criteria:

1.  Writing Quality – 10 pts.  – quality of the writing itself, including grammar & punctuation
2.  Structure – 10 pts.  – organization of the paper, including proper citation of sources.
3.  Sources – 10 pts.  – use of appropriate quality sources and research.
4.  Presentation – 10 pts.  – ability of the paper to convey information to a general audience.
5.  Overall Impressions – 10 pts.

9.  Categories are assigned to facilitate assigning knowledgable judges and to assure breadth of craftsmanship, but are otherwise not relevant to the competition.  Please be clear in your pre-registration to let us know what aspect you wish judged (in other words if you have beautiful silk embroidery on your cotton t-tunic, be clear that you want us to judge your embroidery, not your tailoring skills.)

10.  5.  Pre-registrations of entries should be emailed to the Queen's Champion at alys.ann AT gmail DOT com, and must be received no later than one week prior to the competition.  Registering your entry helps to ensure that there are enough judges present.  Your pre-registration should include:
1.  Your SCA Name
2.  Your Mundane Name
3.  A list of your entries and what general category they should be in
4.  If you need special considerations (an electrical outlet, extra table space, etc)
5.  Your email address

For those who do not plan to enter the competition – please consider judging.  Any competition relies on those willing to volunteer their time and expertise to judge, and this is no exception.  Please contact the Queen's Champion at alys.ann AT gmail DOT com or the King's Champion Iheronimus Bruckner (iheronimus AT imprimatur DOT com)to volunteer, so that we can plan to have adequate coverage for all types of entries.
Site Opens: 10 a.m.
Site Closes: 6 pm.
Event Location   
Immanuel Lutheran Church ELCA
164 Hanover Street
Meriden, CT  06450

Take your best route to Rt 691

Coming from 691 East
Take Exit 5 the Chamberlain Hwy Exit.
Take a Right off the Exit
Take a Left onto West Main St.  (you will see a McDonalds ahead of you)
Turn Right onto Lindsley Ave.
at the bottom of the street turn left onto Hanover, you will see the church ahead of you, parking is in the rear.

From 691 West
Take Exit 6 the Lewis Ave exit.
Turn Right onto Lewis Ave.
Continue Straight onto Lindsley Ave.
at the bottom of the street turn left onto Hanover, you will see the church ahead of you, parking is in the rear.
Event Fees   
Site : ages 5-12 $10
13-17 $13
adult $14
Dayboard is included.
NMS $5.00

Feast: There is no feast for this event, but we will have a long running day board for you to enjoy.

Make Checks Payable to: Barony of Dragonshiphaven-sca
Contact Information   
Event Steward:
Rosette de Rhiems

Mistress Renye Wurm

Send Reservations to:
Joan of Coggeshall

Other Contact Information:
Queen's Champion and Competition Pre-Registration: alys.ann AT gmail DOT com
King's Champion: iheronimus AT imprimatur DOT com