[MER] Castle Wars VII

Gather your shires, cantons, baronies, households, and clans…  Castle Wars goes back to the days of the great Althing, where chieftains, theigns and jarls gathered to hand down the law and celebrate the season.  Dust off your round shield, brew some ale and mead, plan your camps well for who knows what the weather will bring…  join us for Castle Wars VII – ALTHING!

November 19-21

Sandy Beach Park, Macon, Georgia

There will be plenty of fighting, from heavy armored to rapier, C&T, and youth combat.   Test your skills on the live weapons and archery ranges.  Shopping will be plentiful, as will nightly parties.

Gate opens at 12 noon, Friday, November 19, please make plans to vacate the site by 12 noon on Sunday, November 21.

Weekend: $13.00  (early reserve:  $11.00)
Daytrip: $9.00  (early reserve:    $7.00)

Non-member fee: $5
Children 12 and under: free
Kingdom Family Law: No family shall pay more than the equivalent of three adult site fees, granted all are immediate family members and all are paid SCA members.
Waiver forms for children can be found here.

Please make checks/money orders to:  Barony of South Downs/SCA, Inc.