[LOC] Feast of The Four Winds

Lady Alessandra Di Fiore Di Piero Dellamorot and I would like to invite the populace of our fair lands to feast with us! Which way is the wind blowing this year?  Turn up to find out!

Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, 282 princes Hwy Bulli- NSW, Australia

When: 13th November
What time: the feast will start at 6:00pm with first remove served at 7:00pm.

A tourney will be held during the afternoon. Armour inspection at 2:30pm with the tourney to start at 3pm.

How much:  $20 members, $25 non members
Visit our site for menu details and more information. Just follow the links!

Lady Alessandra is sponsoring the Complete Outfit A&S Challenge. She is happy to offer assistance over the course of the project, so if you have questions you can email her on a_dellamorot@optusnet.com.au

We are also running a banner competition. Now you don’t need to make a banner, what we are looking for is ideas
for banners for our Shire to make.  It must contain a dragon and it must be period… other than that… To enter you either need to bring along a printed picture of said painting/idea or email Lady Alessandra the link to said painting/idea so that she can print it out and display it on the night of the Feast. The winner won't be announced until after our next shire meeting-where it will be put to the Shire for voting. A prize will be on offer and of course you will be credited with the idea once we turn the idea into a banner!