Knit Your Bit for WWII vets

The Knit Your Bit knitting program was established by the National World War II Museum to provide warm, handmade scarves for WWII veterans in veterans homes across the country. All needleworkers are encouraged to participate.

Patterns and mailing instructions are available on the website.

From the museum's website:

When we launched Knit Your Bit in the fall of 2006, we had no idea the response we would receive from dedicated knitters around the country. And responded you have! As we head forward with this program, the Museum has received almost 10,000 scarves from amazing knitters nationwide.

While we encourage knitters to use our patterns, we will accept any appropriate scarf. VA Centers have expressed their appreciation and are waiting for you to make a difference in veterans' lives this winter.

All of your scarves have made it to veterans throughout the country. The Campaign has generated positive feedback, good will, and warm necks. Check back regularly for updates to see our progress.

You can help the Museum honor WWII veterans by Knitting Your Bit - in this case a simple, but cozy, scarf to be donated to a veteran in a Veterans Center somewhere in the United States.