10th century Viking lady's cap pattern online

On the Genevieve.net website, Baroness Genevieve d'Aquitaine shares a pattern for a lady's Viking silk cap, pattered after one found in the Coppergate excavations. Her pattern is based on research by Mistress Isabel Ulfsdottir and Mistress Thora Sharptoot.

From the website:

In a search for proper headgear for a Viking lady of Jorvik, I found research done by Mistress Isabel Ulfsdottir and Mistress Thora Sharptooth on a silk cap found in the 16-22 Coppergate digs.  After suffering a wind-chilled brain for part of the most recent Tourney of Ymir, I could see the wisdom in having some form of head covering in the Danelaw and Scandinavia.  Inspired by this cap, I have made a headdress of my own from silk cloth with linen stitching and ties.