[LOC] Feast of Saint Ursula

It is with pleasure that I announce the Feast of Saint Ursula, where we shall celebrate our third victory at Inter-College War on the trot (take THAT, Blessed Herman!) with a relaxed and convivial tavern feast in a late-period German style.

The Feast shall be held in the hall of the Forest Lodge Public School, corner of Ross Street and Pyrmont Bridge Road in Forest Lodge NSW, on the evening of Saturday the 20th of November.  The first course shall be served at 6:30pm, though the hall shall be open to anyone who would like to volunteer to assisst with setup from 2.

Entry will be, for those booked by the 18th of November, $15 members, $20 event members, with those appearing without a booking being charged an extra 5 dollars. Family and hardship rates are available through consultation with the steward, and there is a first event rate of $10 (booked or unbooked, but booking preferred so we can get them in garb).

Bookings should be emailed to me at pneu4425@mail.usyd.edu.au so as to arrive by 5pm on the 18th.

As I await a flood of bookings, I trust that you shall remember that I remain,

Yours in Service to events that cost less than Estrella War,

Padraig Lowther