[OUT] Studium Generale III

Studium Generale III: A Collegium of Practical and Academic Arts and Sciences Saturday, April 3 10 AM - 6 PM University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

There will be 9 concurrent tracks of classes day long (hosted in 8 rooms).  We are accepting proposals for 1-hour or 2-hour classes that fit into any of the following tracks (and if they fit the theme of "daily life" then that is a bonus!  Not all classes have to exactly match the theme):
1) Bards & Artists 
2) Hunters, Harvesters, Cooks & Butlers
3) Knights, Marshals & Armourers
4) Ladies & Chamberlains aka "Daily Life in the Manor and castle"
5) Smiths, Woodworkers & Masons
6) Carders, Weavers, Fullers & Dyers 
7) Astronomers, Alchemists & Mathematicians
8) Tailors, Shoemakers & Hatmakers
9) Children, Youth & Pages
We will have Heralds again available in the main lobby for personalized Herald consultations.  If you are a herald, and would like to offer your services, please contact us as well.
To submit a proposal, please include the following information via e-mail to nest_verch_gryffry at msn.com:
1. Your SCA Name and appropriate title
2. Your mundane name
3. Contact information: e-mail & phone number
4. Your class title
5. Short description of the class - is it hands on? With powerpoint? etc.
6. Which track you think it might fit best in
7. The length of class (1-hour or 2-hour classes preferred - but a compelling class might warrant a longer time frame)
8. Special requirements: Power, messiness, etc. (The University doesn't allow open flame, and anything that might damage the floor must have adequate protection supplied by the teacher)
Please e-mail me (Nest) by November 15th so that we can put together the amazing course schedule to be published. 
Event Coordinators:
Lady Nest Verch Gryffry (nest_verch_gryffry at msn dot com)
Lady Safiyya bint faris al-Dani (safiyya_sca at yahoo dot com)