Top ten list of things that are more expensive than going to Estrella

Lord Alystyr Stewart, whose charge is promoting the Estrella War for 2011, has created a "Top Ten" list of things more expensive than goint to Estrella War.

Lord Alystyr writes:

Ever since I started in the SCA, I have always heard some debate as to how expensive it is to attend Estrella War for a week. Now I watch my dollars as much as the next person and having given it some thought over an episode of David Letterman, I wanted to throw out some numbers for those of us who have to choose how to spend a week of hard earned leave. So in the style of The Late Show, I give you my TOP TEN LIST OF THINGS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN GOING TO ESTRELLA WAR!!

  1. Getting bounced out of Disneyland by Mickey Mouse himself for stalking Cinderella - $216 (thats just the 6 day Park Hopper pass)

  2. Discovering that JAWS isn't part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World - $296 (again just the tickets)

  3. Waking up next to Wayne Newton after 6 crazy nights at the Excalibur in Las Vegas - $450

  4. Instead of recreating the Middle Ages you try to recreate “The Hangover 2” - (Bail Money sucks, but Mike Tyson rocks!)

  5. Watching Avatar every day for 6 days trying to figure out why Gargamel isn't in this production of The Smurfs -$135 (with a small drink and Popcorn)

  6. Spending 6 days at Magic Mountain asking other travelers how to get rid of that One Ring - $240 (admission only)

  7. Six days in beautiful Hawaii trying to be an Extra in “Dog the Bounty Hunter” - $650+ (depending on whether you fly or swim)

  8. Realizing that after 6 days, the food at Medieval Times tastes like the Green Knights old Turnshoes - ($57.95 per show)

  9. Trying to hike your way out of the Grand Canyon because your iPhone GPS doesn't work right - ($18 per day)

  10. Pennsic - ($110)

Pre-Registration for Estrella War costs a mere $65 and comes complete with camping, showers, privies, fighting, A&S classes, equestrian, archery, rapier, hardsuit combat, heraldry consultations, period demo, merchants row, or any one of the myriad of other things that there are to do at Estrella War.

So take the time to Pre-Register for Estrella War. All it takes is a $20 deposit to pre-reg, and you can pay the rest at the gate. Learn more by following the link below.

In Service,
Lord Alystyr Stewart
promotion @ estrellawar .org