"How to History" offers video tutorials for the historic arts

The website How to History offers a divers series of videos that teach a variety of medieval crafts of use to re-enactors.

Included on the website are:

  • 12th – 13th Century Champleve Enameling
  • Wind Yarn with a Niddy Noddy
  • How to Make a Bone Needle for Nalbinding
  • How to Make a Rivet
  • How to Set a Copper Rivet
  • How to Set a Double Cap or Jiffy Rivet
  • How to Forge a Twist – Blacksmithing
  • Handmade Nails-Blacksmithing Video
  • How to Make a Medieval Square Drum
  • Metal work: How to Raise a Copper Bowl
  • How to Make a Simple Cheese
  • How to Embroider a Braided Edge
  • How to Turn Lace Bobbins on a Bow Lathe
  • Nalbinding: How to Work the Oslo Stitch
  • How to Fill a Calligraphy Pen Nib
  • How Calligraphy Pens Work
  • Basic Hand Sewing Stitches
  • How to Prepare Waxed Ends for Hand Sewing Leather
  • How to Make a Leather Belt
  • How to Hand Stitch Leather
  • How to Sharpen a Leather Awl
  • How to Make a Leather Skiver or Splitter
  • How to Sew a French Seam
  • How to Make Arrows for a Medieval English Longbow
  • How to do Sprang
  • Nalbinding: How to Work a York Stitch
  • How to Make a Lucet Braided Cord
  • How to Make Buckles from Nails
  • How to Splice Yarn for Nalbinding
  • How to Make a Medieval Leather Pouch
  • How to do a Pivot in Nalbinding
  • How to Make Brass Bezants
  • How to Forge a Pilum Shank-Blacksmithing

and more.