[DRA] Meadomarsh Thanksgiving

The end of the year draws near and it’s time to look back and think about the help and support that we got from friends far and near. And what would be more fitting as to thank those friends with a weekend of celebration, fun and good company.

Site: Turnhalle Düdelsheim
Date: Site opens Friday 26th 18:00 and closes 28th 12:00
Activities: fighting (Heavy/light), A&S, singing, fun and…. party!
Meals: Simple Breakfast Saturday and Sunday as well as simple dinner Friday.
Saturday night we will have a Potluck-feast.
We have plenty of crashspace..
A tavern will provide softdrinks and beer for a small fee.
Eventsteward: Peter von Dürnten 
reservations to: aelric_of_battle@yahoo.de
Sitefee: 5,- Euro