Estrella War Pre-Reg Information

The organizers of Estrella War XXVII would like everyone to know that online pre-registration is available. They have created a FAQ with information about registration.

Greetings Unto the Noble Populace!

Did you know that you can Pre-Register online for Estrella War XXVII for just $20 and save money on your entrance fee?


Simply Pre-Register On-line or by Mail with a $20 Deposit and pay the rest at the gate, or in payments. It's that simple!!!

Now I know what you’re asking. "Why is it important to pre-reg when I can simply pay at the front gate when I arrive?" Good Question! Aside from saving you money on your entrance fee, your pre-registration dollars go towards many of the amenities we use on site during Estrella War.

For instance did you know that...

FACT:  Pre-Registration helps ensure that the group you are camping with gets the needed amount of land. Make sure you’re not crowded in this year by having your group pre-register!!

FACT: Your Pre-Registration dollars allow us to obtain site amenities such as showers & privies, tents, chairs and tables, for use during Estrella War!!

FACT: By Pre-Registering for Estrella War, you help the staff estimate the amount of resources that will be needed on site. Whether its tables or chairs, assisted services, even trash and ash cans!

FACT: Pre-Registration allows you to enter the site one day earlier than those who pay General Admission provided you have paid in full prior to January 17, 2011.

FACT: Pre-Registration SAVES YOU MONEY! By pre-registering you save $20 off the cost of admission! So pay $20 now and save $20!! Makes sense right? Right.

Simply put, Pre-Registration helps make your Estrella War more comfortable, for more time, for less money. So take a few minutes to Pre-Register and ensure your place in History!!

Pre-Registration is open online. (link below)