[WES] Vinhold All Hallows

The Barony of Vinhold invites you to a potluck feast of Myths and Legends on October 23, 2010. The Barony will be providing meat. Please bring a PERIOD PLAUSABLE dish according to your mundane last name A-H appetizer/salad I-R side dish,S-Z dessert. 

There will be a Solteltie competition in the theme of Myths and Legends  as well as a cordial competition. Bring your Bardic talents to see who will be the next Bard of Vinhold. The competition will consist of a period style piece,a personal piece and 3 word from a cup in the theme of Myths and Legends

****Due to recent increase in alcohol inforcement by Napa County, this is a dry site*****

St Marys Episcopal church  1917 3rd St Napa Ca  Site opens at 2 and will close at 10pm**This is a dry site** Site fee is $10 for adult members, $7 for children 6-12, children 5 and under are free There is a $5 non member surcharge. 

Directions: From I-80 take Ca 12W toward Napa/Sonoma Turn right onto Ca29N *See below * From US101 take CA 37E toward Napa/Vallejo Turn left on CA29N/Sonoma Blvd.*see below*CA-12/121(Carneros Highway) turn left on  CA-29N  ***All directions** Exit at First street exit  Turn right on First. turn right on frontage road(California Blvd)  Go south 2 Blocks Turn left on 3rd St,  Church is on the right 3 blocks down  Parking is on the street.