SCA Grand Council reports on social media policy and newsletters

Heather reports that the Grand Council, advisory board to the SCA Board of Directors has published its 3rd quarter report which deals with Social Media Policy and Newsletters.

The report was prepared and posted by Baroness Bianca the Inquisitive, Grand Council Secretary and includes recommendations on:

  • Individual behavior in Social Media
  • Branch use of Social Media
  • Official Communications
  • Official sites, pages, etc.
  • Media Policy Specific Recommendations
  • Electronic Newsletter Recommendations
  • Officer Newsletter Recommendation:
  • Internet Websites
  • Definition of a “minor”

Interesting recommendations

As a long-time SCA webmaster as well as a fairly serious amateur photographer (in the SCA and elsewhere), I found the GC recommendations to be, generally, very useful, and I hope the Board will consider them seriously. (And yes, I will make my comments to the BoD directly as well). If you are an SCA Chronicler, Webmaster, or photographer, take the time to read the GC commentary in full -- it is a very worthwhile investment of your time. Then contact the Board and make your feelings known.

Personally, I found their recommendations on photography -- basically "follow modern-world law in your jurisdiction" -- to be very common-sensical, and I would welcome this change. I spent some time working as a technical journalist for an online publication, and even as a paid professional for a for-profit company with much deeper pockets than the SCA (and therefore a more tempting lawsuit target), we didn't have nearly the regulatory restrictions that the SCA does.