Berryfield Mosaic removal and conservation underway

"The main trouble is getting it through the door," said Nick Barnfield, project conservator with Cliveden Conservation, about the removal of the Berryfield mosaic at Colchester Castle, once the dining room floor of a 2nd century Roman townhouse.

The 4.2 metres square mosaic is being removed for conservation to be reinstalled in the new firstsite building.

"The main task is to remove the mosaic, which is 4.2 metres square, through a small door and transport it to the new arts centre," said Barnfield. "In front of the mosaic is a 100 foot well. Our task is to build a false floor and then divide the mosaic into nine separate pieces. Then we'll box those and take them back to the workshop, clean and possibly re-back the mosaic onto a lightweight material rather than the reinforced concrete it is now set on."