[LOC] Lochac Officers Training Symposium

An invitation to all group officers in Lochac to attend the Lochac Officers Training Symposium

  • Are you an experienced officer and would like to pass on your skills to others to save them re-inventing the wheel?
  • Are you new to your office and would like to know more about how to succeed in your role?
  • Do you have outside experience and skills that might be useful to officers serving their local groups in Lochac?

In January AS XLV, alongside 12th Night Coronation, Politarchopolis will host the first Lochac Officers Training Symposium (LOTS) All officers are invited to participate, whether from small cantons or colleges or large baronies or shires. We are also seeking experienced current or former
officers who are willing to lead discussions, present sessions or send papers.

To enhance the communication, effectiveness and skills of Lochac's kingdom and group officers by bringing together as many officers from as many groups across the Kingdom for a full day of workshops, panel discussions and training.

A one-day conference, beginning with an optional informal gathering on Thursday night and then a formal timetable of sessions from morning through to after dinner on Friday.

There will be a mixture of large group sessions and smaller discussions where we divide into groups by office.
There will be discussions with a focus on some key questions:

  • What are the main tasks/requirements of this office?
  • What makes an effective officer? What are the key skills I need for this office?
  • What are the most common challenges of this office?
  • What support do I need and who/where/how do I get that support?

(If only small numbers attend from some offices, groups may be combined based on function or skill sets.)

The day will also focus on four key skills training areas and participants will be able to choose which two of these streams to attend:

  • Administration (staying organised, managing the paperwork, delegation)
  • Communication (communication styles, working with volunteers, conflict resolution)
  • Financial (bookkeeping, dealing with budgets & banking, reporting)
  • Politics (governance, working with other offices, key relationships)

There will be an after-dinner session with a focus on fun as well as training, such as "Corpora" trivia and other games and activities and/or some more work-shopping issues arising from the day's sessions. Depending on energy levels and level of interest/focus.

Friday 14th January 2011, the day before Twelfth Night Coronation hosted by the Barony of Politarchopolis.

Barony of Politarchopolis (Canberra, ACT, Australia).

Registration is free and morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be provided.  **Participants will need to pay for their own dinner, which will be at a nearby venue that has good inexpensive meals.

Travel Fund:
The Council of the Purse, SCAA Board and SCANZ Committee have each offered financial support to the workshop and, in doing so, encourage groups (via a capped 1:1 subsidy policy) to do likewise.  These travel funds will be administered by the LOTS Secretariat and participants will be required to provide copies of receipts or invoices for travel expenses. Contact the Steward for more information.

Bookings and enquiries:
To the Steward, Mistress Isobel le Bretoun, via email to alessandro.isobel@gmail.com