Barony asks readers nationwide to help raise funds

The Barony of Seleone is using a Barnes and Noble "book fair" to raise funds for the Barony and for their kingdom. SCA folk can participate, at no extra cost to the individual, by providing a code number to cashiers at any Barnes and Noble store nationwide. Barnes and Noble will donate funds based on the value of tagged purchases.

Mistress Daphne of Colchester, organizer of the fundraiser, writes:

The Barony of Seleone needs your help!  We are having a book fair/fund raiser at the end of this month at our local Barnes and Noble. With your help, and at no additional cost to you, we can make this fund raiser a great success.  All you need to do is shop in-store or on-line from October 30th through November 3rd, using our Book Fair number of 10317493. This is at any Barnes and Noble in the country. Buy what you would normally buy at Barnes and Noble, use the Book Fair number and the Barony of Seleone will get a percentage of what you purchase. Tell your cashier, before they ring up your purchase, that you want your items to count towards our book fair and then provide them with the number 10317493.

We are hoping to get all of our SCA family to participate in this to increase our success.  To sweeten your interest, the Barony of Seleone has decided to give to our Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, half of what is raised during this book fair. So you will not just be helping Seleone, but raising funds for Gleann Abhann. So, please jump on this bandwagon! Let all you know, both in and out of the SCA about this book fair. All each person needs is the book fair number! Spread the work, let’s find out how much we can raise this year and maybe next year, we can have an even larger book fair.

Please fell free to forward this missive to any SCA group or gentle, as well as, any others who may be interested in helping us out.  Let’s put a scare into Barnes and Noble and show them just how many readers there are in the SCA!

For more information or with questions, contact Mistress Daphne of Colchester at