[DRA] Fortuna’s Champion VII

Is Fortuna, Lady of Luck and Fortune, smiling on you? Are you her favorite? Or will you be crushed under her constantly rolling wheel? Come and find out on a weekend of gaming and gambling!

The Shire of Isengau invites all soldiers of fortune, gamers and gamblers, no matter if lucky or dogged by bad luck to join us for a weekend full of gaming, gambling and merriment. The luckiest attendant, the most successful gambler will be announced Fortuna’s Champion once again!

There will be lots of period games (cards, dice and board games) to determine the overall winner!

Jugendtagungshaus Schloß Reimlingen
Schloßstr. 1
86756 Reimlingen

Site opens Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday at noon

The site has beds for up to 40 people; please bring bed sheets (no sleeping bags).
Please also bring indoor shoes!
No pets, no smoking directly on site (a smoking place is nearby).
The site is discreetely wet.

Adults (bed and all meals): 30 €
Children under 10 (all weekend, all meals – with bed): 20 € (if your children can share a bed or sleep on cot or air mattress please contact the Event Steward)
Daytrippers (including all meals on Saturday): 13 €

We offer a hearty stew on Friday evening, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday and a small feast on Saturday evening.
Beverages can be bought at the site.
For food restrictions and allergies, please contact the Head Cook!

Send an email to the Gatekeeper (see below) with the following information: Name (mundane and SCA) of all the persons for whom you are reserving, Group, Day trip or complete event, contact email and phone number (for emergencies).

The only guaranteed reservation is a paid one (payment instructions will be sent with the confirmation of the reservation). If you live outside the Euro Zone, mention it in your reservation email an Lady Ælfwynn will provide you with further information.

For reservations made later than October 23rd a late fee of 5€ applies.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel before October 23rd you will be fully refunded, before November 11th you will get your food money back and if you cancel later than November 11th we cannot reimburse you at all.

If you need any further travel directions, a pick up, or anything else, please also mention it in your reservation email!

Event Steward:
Lady Simona di Piero Valentini

Co Steward:
Lord Falko de Jablonec

Reservation Steward:
Lady Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor

Head Cook:
Lady Filippina di Angelo