[ATE] Baronial Champions

To all who come to see these letters do we, Edward and Annalies, Baron and Baroness of Atenveldt, and we, Morgan and Elizabeth, Baron and Baroness of Twin Moons, send warm greetings.

We welcome one and all to join Us this October 22 - 24th as We hold Our respective tournaments to determine Our Champions and Defenders! We shall be joining together this year in friendship so that once the fighting is done, all may visit, camp, revel, and dine together as one family!

On Saturday, the list tables will open at 9am. Please be sure to bring your fighter authorization cards with you if you intend to fight!

Baronial Courts will begin at 9:30 in their respective Baronial Pavillions, with the tournaments to begin directly following court. Barony of Atenveldt's Archery competition will be held on Saturday. Twin Moons' Archery competition will be held on Sunday morning. Both Baronies will be displaying Arts and Sciences entries - Atenveldt's in their Viking, and Twin Moons' in their Baronial. Please be sure to stop by both for a look!

In addition, the Barony of Atenveldt will be hosting both Bardic and Youth Champions competitions, additional details to be announced.

During the day on Saturday, Her Majesty Damiana and Their Excellencies Annalies and Elizabeth will be hosting a "cake" competition. Bring your "cake" entry (read into this, everyone.... it must be edible and it must be called cake, but that's about the extent of the rules) out to be judged and perhaps win a prize!

At 3pm, or at Their Majesties' discretion, Twin Moons will be hosting Kingdom Court in their Baronial Pavillion. As with Tristan and Damiana's previous courts, this one is sure to be exciting, so bring your chair over and join in the fun!

Following Royal Court , m'lord Nicholas will wed m'lady Alewyn, and a fine feast will follow! This feast will be a potluck with all invited; please find your place in the list below:

Those born January through April, please provide a dessert (may we suggest cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, etc)

Those born May through August, please provide a side dish (may we suggest potatoes, pastas, steamed vegetables, etc)

Those born September through December, please provide an appetizer (it is rumored that Morgan really likes bacon, but breads, butters, cheeses, veggie trays, etc would also be lovely)

For the children of the Baronies, there will be a separate meal table! This table will provide hot dogs, chips, fruit, and other kid friendly fare, so that we're all sure the younger set gets some sustenance before the trick or treating begins!

The meal will be hosted in the Twin Moons Baronial pavillion, so please bring your food for sharing, your tables and chairs, and your feast gear over for some wonderful fare! As the meal will not begin until approximately 7pm, don't forget lighting for your table.... else, you may be surprised while you eat!  The bride and groom and the Baronies will be providing the meat dishes. Please be sure that the dish you bring to share (one per family) is enough to serve 8-10 people. This way, we will be sure to have plenty for everyone to eat!

Following the feasting, the children of both Baronies will be led through the encampments for trick or treating fun! Make sure that any goodies you bring to give to the children are not made of chocolate, as the October weather is still too warm for this sweet and you will end up with chocolate goop! Candy, trinkets, snacks, etc, are all welcome for this festive fun!

At the conclusion of the trick or treating, the children will be taken to the Haunted House, hosted by the Barony of Atenveldt! This will be held in Atenveldt's Baronial Pavillion, and all who would help decorate are welcome!  Please bring any decorations you have to share with you - the set up will begin at the conclusion of Kingdom Court .

Outside of the Pavillion, the Barony of Atenveldt will be hosting large fire pits for visiting, marshmallow roasting, keeping warm, and being social in general. The evening will also bring fireworks, courtesy of Schnepf Farms - what better way to wrap up such a lovely day.

Sunday will bring the conclusion of the fun, with the Baronies' Courts closing things out after all of the competitions are finished. We do look forward to spending this glorious weekend with each of you, and in getting to know some new friends better!

Site opens: 12pm Friday 10/22.  Site fees: $15 adult (proof of membership), $20 non-members and $7 for youth.  More information at http://bit.ly/aF0YIE

In Service,

Edward & Annalies, Baron & Baroness of Atenveldt
Morgan & Elizabeth, Baron & Baroness of Twin Moons

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