[MER] Talmere Tourney

All ye Meridien Gentles are invited to enjoy and compete in the annual Talmere Tourney. Champions will be crowned in Heavy and Rapier fighting. Prizes will be awarded for Arts and Sciences, and for the talented Bards among you as well.

The Tourney will take place on Sunday October 17, 2010 at the East Carrollton Park from 12 pm until 6 pm. Lord Ian the Grey and Lady Randalin in Kyrra will be in charge of William Marshall tournaments for the Heavy and Rapier fighters. For those that aren't fighting, there will be games.

The A&S and Bardic competitions will be populace judged, and are open to all. A&S entries are limited to 3 per person, but any type of entry is welcome. The Bardic competition will take place after the fighting and is limited only by your imagination be it instrumental, vocal, story, or oratory.

There is no cost for this event, but light food and refreshments will be provided for after the fighting, you are welcome to bring any additional side dishes you would like to contribute. The venue is a public park, so we have a lovely pavilion with several picnic tables, but there is nowhere to cook anything, and any food that needs to remain cold will require coolers.

As the water in Talmere is safe and clean, it isn't necessary or permissible to bring alcoholic drinks to this site.

Talmere looks forward to welcoming you to our Shire Tourney!

From the North, West, and East
Take I20 to exit #24(Carrollton/Villa Rica), go South on Hwy 61 towards Carrollton for approximately 12 or 13 miles. You will come to the intersection of Hwy 61 and the Carrollton Bypass(Northside Drive), right past Ryan's Steakhouse. Take a right onto Northside Drive, take the first left on Airport Rd. and left into the parking lot by the fire station and pavilion. 

From the South and Southwest
Take 27 North to bypass 166, turn right (NE) and continue until you pass the Fire house on the left.  Bypass 166 is now Northside drive, take the next left and loop around to the parking lot.

For questions contact doctoraicha@yahoo.com