[WES] Northern Hawk Tourney

Have you ever wished you could have a practice tournament before signing up or helping out for a real one? Are there any Herald's out there who'd like a chance to practice Tourney litany before the real thing? How about any budding List coordinators. I'll even take those who'd like to practice being a Marshall in Charge!

Here's your opportunity!  The traveling Hawk Tourney is coming north to Oertha for all those budding heralds, list folks, marshals, oh and of course Rapier Fighters, who would like to play.  Oertha is sponsoring the Tourney for October, so come and join us next Tuesday night, the 12th at 7:00pm, for the Northern Hawk Tourney.  Due to the season, this will be celebrated as a Zombie Tourney, you can dismember your opponent but the only way to win is a kill through a head shot as that is the only way to kill these zombies.

Please come and join the fun.

To be held at the Bear Steel School Practice, see directions below.

Hope you can join us.
Sorcha Careman

Directions to Sorcha's Manor house:
6242 Rose Hip Circle, Anchorage
Take your best directions to the intersection of Lake Otis Parkway and Dowling Road.
Turn East towards the mountains onto Dowling.
Take first right onto Laurel St.  Follow it to the end.   It then curves left and becomes E 64th.
Follow East 64th.
Take first left onto Rose Hip Circle.  We are on the left, tan house with white trim.