Windfarm Development Stalls Due to Archeological Finds

Oldham Advertiser: A local archaeological trust has objected to the construction of wind turbines on Denshaw Moor, a site which includes two medieval iron-smelting furnaces. The report, filed by Saddleworth Archaeological Trust, also cites over 200 finds, including Bronze Age tools, and describes a Roman road that went through the site.

"We do not oppose all wind farms but we do object when they are going to destroy archaeological landscapes," said Ken Booth, Trustee of the Saddleworth Archaeological Trust. "A wind turbine will last 20 years, but once you destroy a site like this it will be gone forever."

The local council does not permit development on any site where evidence suggests there may be archeological remains, but development may be permitted when the benefits of the development outweighs the preservation of the remains.

Windfarms, such as the ones planned for the moors, are used to generate electric power, though not without controversy; see for additional stories about the Oldham-area windfarms.