Midrealm Chivalry Calendar available online

The Honorable Lady Tyzes Sofia called Zsof reports that the 2011 Midrealm Chivalry Calendar is now available to order online from ArtFire.com. The calendar features photos of knights representing the Middle Kingdom's four regions.

The calendar was the brainchild of Her Ladyship Zsof and Master Philip the Pilgrim. The two did photo shoots with the knights featured in the calendar starting in April, 2010, and then worked with graphic designer Lord Tariq of the Cleftlands to create the final product.

The calendar features three knights from each region. The knights featured are:

  • Oaken:
    • Eorl EikBrandr
    • Sir Cellach
    • Earl Lutr
  • Constellation:
    • Sir Aaron
    • Duke Moonwulf
    • Sir Marcus
  • Midlands:
    • Countess Fern
    • Viscount Gaylen
    • Sir Kilian
  • Pentamere:
    • Duke Eliahu
    • Duke Dag
    • Sir Phillipe

Calendars can be purchased online and will also be for sale at the following Midrealm events: Red Dragon (10/16), Crown Tourney (10/30), Bardic Madness (10/13) and RUM (11/20).

All proceeds will be donated to the Midrealm towards the purchase of a new pavilion for the battlefield at Pennsic.

For more information, contact Zsof at zsofsky@gmail.com.