[GLE] Harvest Home

It's that time again, Fall and time for the Shire of Northover to host Harvest Home. As is our habit, we are trying to have an event which is a little different from the norm. This year's theme should prove to be unique and very exciting.

Here are the basic rules for the event:

During the annual gathering of the Shire of Northover to celebrate the harvest and the good fortunes of this part of the river realm of Gleann Abhann, a gathering of artisans is planned to promote their wares and crafts. However, the competition between these artisans has grown to such an extent that the quest for the title of The Artisan of the Harvest is expected to be tremendous. All artisans are invited to bring their craft and talents to the celebration and show their best in hopes of gaining the coveted title. Unfortunately, there have been rumors that some of the artisans may be prepared to utilize some unscrupulous means to insure their victory. Also, there have been rumblings that there may be others who would take advantage of a gathering of such wealth and talent to increase their own riches.

The event will be held October 15 – 17, 2010, at the WOW camp in Hattiesburg, MS.

Requirements for artisans desiring to compete for the title are:

  • Artisans should pick a project they are willing to explain to others.
  • Projects should be completed in the 7 hour time period allowed.
  • Although period techniques and tools are preferred, modern tools (i.e., sewing machines, electric tools, etc.) are allowed.
  • Each artisan will be required to submit an example of their craft for judging.
  • All submissions must be completed on site between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, October 16, 2010. Partial work on the project before the events will be allowed if the project would normally take longer than the allotted time.
  • All materials must be brought on site between site opening at 5:00 PM, October 15, and 9:00 AM on October 16, 2010. All materials will be turned over to the event Suppliocrat and will be secured until the beginning of the competition.
  • Each artisan may pre-employ a private security detail consisting of up to 5 individuals as follows:
    • Heavy fighters, only 1 of which may be a Knight
    • Rapier Fighters, only 1 of which may be a Queen's Blade or equivalent
    • Archer, only 1 of which has earned the Kingdom's top archery award.
    • Youth fighter, 1 heavy and 1 light.
    • Additional security may be employed on site from a pool of non-attached fighters and archers.
  • Each artisan will be given a predetermined amount of coins upon arrival.
  • Each non-artisan will also be given a predetermined amount of coins. These coins will be used to pay security, withdraw materials from storage, purchases, classes, and any other need which may arise.


  • Basic compensation for security will be as follows:
    • Knight 5 coins
    • QB or equiv. 5 coins
    • Archer w/ award 5 coins
    • Other fighter or archer 2 coins
  • Additional credits may be obtained as follows:
    • Teaching classes to spectators 2 credits each
    • Selling merchandise negotiable
    • Less honorable means negotiable


  • Artisans must "purchase" their materials from the Suppliocrat as needed.
  • The price for each item will be determined by the Suppliocrat and may be negotiable. As the Suppliocrat's storage facility will be some distance from the actual workplaces of the artisan's, security may be needed to insure that the materials get back to the artisan.
  • Artisans are allowed to "interfere" with other artisans in an attempt to prevent them from completing their project on time. Fighters and archers may challenge each other at any time. All challenges will be settled on the designated fields and the winner will get all money and supplies the losers have with them. Fighters and archers may also directly "interfere" by "raiding" the artisans work area. In these instances, the winner(s) will be awarded part of the artisans material which is not incorporated in the project at the time of the challenge. Exactly what is taken will be determined by the Marshal(s) of the challenge. "Interference" may not include destroying the project or materials.


  • In addition to giving classes, artisans may employ spectators to assist in the project. Caution should be taken to insure that the spectators are not "spies" in the employ of other artisans. Spectators will be compensated as follows:
    • Laurels/Pelicans 5 coins
    • Others 1 coins


  • Unattached fighters and archers may challenge anyone for supplies, money, or to simply spice up the event.


  • Awards will be given for:
    • Best Project/Top Artisan
    • Fighter, Youth, and Archer with most money
    • Spectator with most money

Please come and play with us.

There will also be activities for the children; and of course, there will be a feast, revel, and dance Saturday night.