Change in SCA email addresses announced

Tom Hughes, President,  SCA, Inc. and Franchesca Havas, CTO-PM, SCA, Inc., have announced changes to the Society's email system.

The SCA will soon make needed changes to our email system.  These changes will improve communications for Officers, Directors, and those who use the many email addresses.
Some years ago, the SCA offered personal email accounts through the organization's email system.   As a result of the imminent system improvements, all personal email accounts in the domain will be eliminated.  If you are the owner of one of these accounts, we ask that you prepare for elimination of your email account which will take place on approximately October 31.  After that date, you will no longer have access to any email remaining in your account at that time.  It is our hope that all owners of personal email accounts will take the steps necessary to safeguard archived emails and contact information.
Contact Dave Weiner with any technical questions.
Tom Hughes              
President,  SCA, Inc.                
Franchesca Havas

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