Vivat to Sir Dorotea Weberin, knighted in Drachenwald

On Friday evening, 3rd October, at Civil War in the Shire of Juneborg in Nordmark, Baroness Dorothea Weberin, sometimes known as Raven, was sent to Vigil for Knighthood by their Majesties UlfR and Caoimhe.

At lunchtime on Saturday, before the commencement of the war, she was summoned to court, arriving escorted by a parade of landsknechts with drum and banners. There on the war field, before the assembled fighters and populace, incuding a great many of her friends, she was elevated to the Order of Chivalry.

Her Knight, Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole, and her Laurel, Mistress Alienor of Farryngdon, spoke on her behalf - in addition to fighting and inspiring other fighters, Dorotea is known for her 16th century German costuming, and her illumination. I had the honour to speak for her as a Pelican.

Lord Sigismund Jaeger gave words for Dorothea as a member of the populace.

Sir Rian McFinn vested Dorothea with his spurs, in memory of the day she had girded him with his knight's belt at his own knighting.

Her lord, Sir Ivan Paskiainen, girded her with the belt of Sir Raim y Hynnddyl, the first knight of Drachenwald. Sir Cormac passed on his chain, which had been given to him by His Grace Sir Elffin O Mona, who had received it in turn from Duke Jade of Starfall.

Thus was elevated the first woman knight in Drachenwald, and was knighted the first fighter living and training in Ireland.

For Sir Dorothea, VIVAT! HUZZAH! WOOT!

Cernac the Celt, OP, OL, Dragon's Steel

Report from Master Cernac the Celt, with additional information from Genevieve la flechiere,