Good News from Estrella War

Baroness Katharine of Kate Hall reports highlights from this year's Estrella War in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. This is only a VERY partial list of war news, but for those who are not able to attend I'm sure you will be glad to hear that:

Sir Tristan Dragonheart received so many knight's chains that he will need to become a 16th century german to wear them all. The Kontess Sarolta is now Hanim (Mistress) of the Laurel and we have a glorious new russian Pelican in Mistress Katerinka Stephanove Gostmira of Granite Mountain. Cheers for these well deserved peerages.

And speaking of peerages, Sir Morgan Claymore was knighted on the field this morning and got to welcome Sir Tristan this evening. Pretty good first day, but wait, there's more... With the aid of His Majesty of the West, Lord Cadogan was asked to sit a vigil tonight and answer the question (belt or baldirck?) on the morrow. Jubilation erupted when Lord Cadogan's name was called.

In other news, Lord Iago Gof won second place in the coronet competition, the Bedlam Bookbinders (they were already crazy when they started the task of book making, but now they are REALLY nuts!) won the Bookbinding first place. (some of the crazies include Mistress Camilla, Mistress Helen Jenette, Lady Thana, Lord Dominic, Lady Meadhbh MacNeill, Lord Voron, Lady Katrina and I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but huzzahs anyway!)

The Middle eastern garb prize went to a lovely Aten lady, but I didn't catch her name in the roar of applause she received. (Someone please fill in the information, please?)

House Inverted and the College of Brymstonne won prizes in the siege engine compttition for which we are very proud! I'm throwing praises on them from far off!

All the visiting royalty looked wonderful and said very nice things about Atenveldt (all true of course, but great to hear!)

His Majesty of the Outlands presented our beloved Queen with a gorgeous box fitted with a mirror so she could see "one of the nicest and most gracious ladies in the land" whenever she opened the box. Pretty smooth talkers, them kings, but then this was true. (Her Majesty got all teary, as did many of us)

Thursday's court was a great one for the College of Brymstonne, with thier hospitler, Avalynne (I can't spell the Irish version) an Daire receiving her AOA, and Lord Sasha finally receiving the scroll TRM have been carying around for months!! Lady Selina, the Brymstonne MOAS received the Sirviente del Sol for her radiant service! and Lady Alynne Strangwych, the seneschal, received a well deserved Order of Light.

Blase Makkynnay got his AOA, and Lady Andrione las rousse de Beauvoir received the Order of the Desert Flower for her artistic endevours.

Some other awards were also given, but since I've been taking vicodin for an absessed tooth, I have a memory like a sieve and can't remember anything else. I hope someone will post all the well deserved awards I've missed.

Huzzah, hurrah, and WELL DONE to all the fine folk whose work was rewarded, you are all my heroes.

(Now for a commercial) Huzzahs also go to the wonderful scribes whose work was given out these last few days. The peerage scrolls were especially wonderful. Lady Jehanne la Torta de Calais painted a beatiful scroll (written in Russian, no less) for Mistress Katerinka, Lady Catriona of Kyntail was the artist on Sir Tristan's knighting scroll, and Lady Ianuk Raventhorne, Lady Isabella Dati and Lady Cecilia (I can't spell her surname) who prepared Hanim (mistress) Sarolta's scroll. I can't say enough about these wonderful scribes except "WOW", "Fabulous", "You rock!" and "Great work!!"

I'm going to sleep now. I've had a wonderful day and a great war and I'm happy.

Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall

Republished on with permission of the author.