Further Information on "Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin" Publication

More information on the Dublin headcoverings can be found in a book by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, (2003), "Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin". Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, (2003), "Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin". In the series "Medieval Dublin Excavations 1962-81. Ser.B,vol.6 (2003)". ISBN: 0-9543855-5-1.

Hardcover, costs 30 euro.

It can be ordered from:
Royal Irish Academy
19 Dawson St
Dublin 2
Attn: Hugh Shiels

According to the RIA, it is already available for purchase and should be on the publications section of the website by Feburary 17th.

Contents: The book covers 68 textiles: scarfs, headbands and caps (10th-12th cent.Dublin), which are discussed after a general information on the excavation sites. The sections for scarfs and headbands and caps are similar, in that they start with pictorial and archaeological comparisons for the objects, and then the catalogue part goes into detail on size, weave, stitches etc. There are drawings for almost all finds. For caps there are also some thoughts - and illustrations - on how they might have been worn. The cloth technology is then discussed: cloth-type, yarn, weave and dimensions. The author also discusses cloth production and loom-type. There are also a few pages on sewing techniques, and a discussion on the origins of the cloth, commerce, and a short discussion on viking age dress in Dublin. The appendix covers analyses of dyes and of hair found in the textiles. There are also 16 colour plates (12 of textiles).

All in all, it's a very detailed book, and I would recommend it for those interested in Viking dress in the British Isles (the only other finds of caps were AFAIK found in Lincoln and York). If the price is a bit too much, you might wait until it comes in a softcover version (as the previous books in the series were published in both hard- and softcover, I believe that this one will do so as well.).