[TRI] Martinmas Moot

The Shire of Castlemere would like to invite you to Martinmas Moot! We have prepared a fun-filled event for our beloved kingdom including Crown Lyst, A&S Display, Classes, and more.

Camp Ocala
(352) 759-2288
18533 Nfs 535, Altoona
FL 32702-9119


    Lady Brighid inghean Chronchobhair ui Neill
    Please make all checks payable to: SCA, Inc - Kingdom of Trimaris.

Site Fees

    Daytrip     $12
    One Night     $17
    Weekend     $22
    Feast     $10
    Non Member Surcharge     $8

Please contact the Event Steward for any questions or concerns.

Event Steward

    Tuathal In Daim Gil Mac

Feast Steward

    Lady Lucinda