Cider League Stoolball

Cú Allaidh Dona of the Kingdom of Ealdormere reports that he is interested in forming a Stoolball team, and invites others to join him.

Cú Allaidh Dona writes:

Greetings populace of Ealdormere. I send this invitation, nay challenge, out to all groups households etc.. Trinovantia Nova is forming a Stoolball team, and I personally am organizing a site for running a fun stoolball league. We formally invite other shires/cantons/baronies/households/etc. to form their own stoolball team and come play us. We are hoping to have a demo game(s) at Masquerade (depending on weather and such), so you can come out and watch or participate, you don't have to be part of a team for the demo game, we'll take all comers on a first come first play basis. If you want to form a team and come out and play our (or possibly have [some of] us come to you and play) Trino Stoolball Team (team name to be announced), feel free to contact me and we'll set something up.

What's this you don't know what stoolball is, no worries, allow me to illuminate you. Stoolball is a period stick and ball game which is somewhat like baseball or cricket. In period milking stools would serve as bases and leather balls stuffed with wool scrap material would be used. The bats could be anything from a stick to a bat somewhat similar to a modern cricket bat. If you want to know more about the Cider League Stoolball check out the website where the rules are listed, it is still a work in progress however, and more detail will be added, specifically the guidelines for equipment which I am currently developing.

The league will be developed over the winter months and the first official game will be played sometime in the spring 2011, although hopefully we can get some demo/practice games in between now and then. Since the balls are relatively soft the game could be played indoors in a gym.

Cú Allaidh Dona
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