[CAI] Winter Weekend 2011

The Barony of Calafia is proud to host Winter Weekend 2011 at the DeBenneville Pines Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains, 41750 W. Jenks Lake Road, Angeles Oaks, CA. The event starts Thursday, January 13, 2011, 5 PM and ends Monday January 17, 2011, 12 noon. 

Since this site can only accommodate a limited number of persons, RESERVATIONS are required. 
Each phone call may reserve only one room's worth of accommodations (1 to 4 people). Families with more children may reserve up to the number of the immediate family. Please, only one reservation per call.

Event Information:
.    Reservations for Winter Weekend 2011 will open Sunday October 17th @ 12 noon PDT. You may contact the event steward after that time.
.    E-mail reservations will not be accepted.
.    This event will be starting on Thursday.
.    The cost for the four nights lodging and food is $120 per adult, $75 per child (12 years or younger).  Plus the non-member surcharge of $5.
.    If you come up after Thursday the cost is $110 per adult, $55 per child. Plus the non-member surcharge of $5.

Only after your reservation is confirmed:
Please make checks payable to - SCA  Inc / Barony of Calafia.

Send to the event Steward
If you have any questions you may contact the event steward at: winterweekend@calafia.org