Artemisia Crown Tornament combatants online

Baroness Theodora of Trebizond, Kingdom Seneschal, reports that Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Artemisia have announced the combatants and their consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament.

Her Excellency writes:

The following is the list of entrants for Their Majesties' Crown Tournament to be held in the Shire of Otherhill on October 2, 2010.

In the interest of simplicity, the list is in alphabetical order by combatant's name.  Please do not think me disrespectful for not using precedence order or listing each person by title.

If you feel you should be on this list and are not, please contact me off list immediately.

  • Asgierr Rekke I Dane fighting for Allessandria Lucia de Capella
  • Azir de Lucera fighting for Gwynnyth verch Morgan
  • Bohun the Black fighting for Hawke Rivenoak
  • Conrad von Zuberbuhler fighting for Anna Elsbeth von Zuberbuhler
  • Domnall the Griff fighting for Brigitta des Schwigends
  • Dunkr Ormrhandleggr fighting for Oonaugh inghean Glaisne
  • Elias Mac Griogair fighting for Sine Fergusson of Kintyre
  • Fernando del Santiago fighting for Syeria Caminante
  • Gareth ap Llwewlyn fighting for Sorcha of Sherwood
  • Greaghan McBayne fighting for Milisandia verch Madoc
  • Hauk Maclean fighting for Katya in Raudhara
  • Hrothgar Hrothgarson fighting for Adela of Rouen
  • Konrad von Krixen fighting for Kortland Stirling Mayfaire
  • Michael the Lucky of Lancaster fighting for Bengta Rolfsdotter
  • Morgan d'Antioche fighting for Esebell Grant
  • Rodrigo de Castilla y Leon fighting for Kristine Ragnvaldsdatter (called the Killer Rabbit)
  • Thomas de Beaumont fighting for Brigit ingean ui Chillini
  • Thorvald Ulfhednar fighting for Bianca da Ravenna
  • Tighearnain mag Cenndrighan fighting for Cliodhna
  • Vidar Bowbreaker fighting for Ellisif Sleggja

Kingdom Seneschal