[DRA] Kingdom University and Baronial Investiture

We, the people of Gotvik, would like to invite each and all, high and low, Lords and Ladies to come to Drachenwald’s University and Gotvik's first baronial investiture the 5th to the 7th of November.

Come share our joy and the fulfillment of our dream as Gotvik becomes the second barony in Nordmark. You will also gain new knowledge, feast splendidly and see what fine things the artisans of our fine Kingdom creates.

November 5-7, 2010 at Årås Kvarn, Kölingared, Sweden


Felicitas Schwartzenbergin

Astridh Thorkilsdotter

Vegetarian food:
Aleydis van Villvoorde

Cis de Conway

Enaro Enormis

Royal Liason:
Alrik af Edestad

University chancellor:
Raghnil de Kaxtone


It is with great joy we invite all of you to share Gotvik's first baronial investiture. Since this is a special moment we've decided to mark this occasion with an oriental theme. It is up to each and all of you to decide how much you would like to participate in this. It is absolutely ok to decide that you'll make new oriental garb of some kind, or to just buy some dates and munch on during the investiture or to just be your regular SCA self. All are very welcome.

The investiture will take place during the Saturday evening and be celebrated with a delicious meal and we hope a great party.

Getting Here

There are several options for our guests to come here.

By Car:
From Road 40 from Ulricehamn and Gothenburg:
In Ulricehamn take road number 46 towards Skövde. In Dalum turn right towards Kölingared. Follow the signs towards Kölingared for about 15 km until you get to a crossroad where it says Liared and Årås Kvarn to the right. Take this road and continue 2 km and you will come to the site.

From Road 40 from Jönköping:
Take road 40 towards Ulricehamn, in Strängsered by the OK-gas station turn right towards Liared. In Liared continue past the church until you reach a crossroad with Ulricehamn to the left and Kölingared straight ahead. Keep going towards Kölingared. After 1 km another crossroad with Kölingared sign to the right, turn right, 3 km further along this road and you will come to the site.

By Train:
Book your ticket to Mullsjö station and tell the logistics co-ordinator so we can come pick you up unless you have already arranged for someone else to do that.

Book either though www.sj.se or www.db.de

By Buss:
Take the bus to Ulricehamn or Mullsjö and tell the logistics co-ordinator so we can come pick you up. From Ulricehamn there will be a minor fee for the pick up service.

Book either though www.swebus.se or vasttrafik.se

By Plane:
If you arrive by plane you can land in three different airports. Either Jönköping Airport (closest), Göteborg Landvetter airport (biggest) or Göteborg City Airport (Ryan air).

For very faraway guests it would be possible to book flights to Copenhagen Kastrup airport and take the train up to Göteborg or take a local flight to either airport.

Remember to tell the logistics co-ordinator so we can come pick you up, there will be a fee covering the costs for gas for all airport pick ups.