[WES] Mists Bardic Competition and Feast

Come witness and/or participate in the selection of the next Bard of the Mists while eating a delicious Mediterranean feast. Bards from all over the Principality will compete to become the next Bard of the Mists, and the feast will be cooked by James MacAllister and Mische Nadler and their merry minions. The menu will be posted to sca-west and also to the Principality website once it is finalized.

Competitors will be required to present five pieces:

    * 1. A period work. Documentation should be brief, but convincing.
    * 2. A work of your own creation in a period style. Documentation should be brief, but convincing.
    * 3. Bard's Challenge -- A piece of your own creation on the topic of War. You can be for it, against it, or anywhere in between.
    * 4. What I do best -- A work that you feel best shows off your talent and what you can bring to the job of Bard of the Mists. This piece need not be composed by the entrant.
    * 5. The famous Three Words / Fifteen Minutes challenge.

Competitors should notify the current Bard in advance if possible, but last minute entrants are welcome. "Auditors" (entrants not competing for the post) may or may not be allowed, depending on how many competitors there are.

Site Information: St. Albans Episcopal Church Parish Hall 1501 Washington Ave. Albany, CA. Hall opens at noon and closes at 10pm. Competition starts at 2:30pm Site Fee is $10(+$5NMS for non-members), minors 12 and up $4, under 12 free. The cost of the feast is $11. Feast tickets will be available at events or can be reserved by contacting Frederick via email at flieg@berkeley.edu or at events.  There is a limit of 60 feast tickets to be sold. There will be off-board seating available. Please make checks payable to “SCA, Inc.-Principality of the Mists”

Autocrat:  Eilis O'Boirne baroness_eilis@juno.com

Directions: From the South: Take your best route to I-80 east and take the Buchanan St/Albany Exit (just before the 580 split to the Richmond Bridge). (**) Take Buchanan to San Pablo Ave. and turn left. One long block later turn right onto Solano Ave. Continue towards the hills for about half a mile, cross Santa Fe Ave., then turn left onto Curtis St. The church is one block north, at the NE corner of Curtis and Washington.

From the Marin area, via I-580, take the Albany Exit just before the I-80 merge, turn left onto Buchanan and proceed from (**)

From the North and East, take I-80 W and take the Albany Exit. Turn left onto Cleveland at the bottom of the exit. The second left will be Solano Ave. Proceed across San Pablo Ave, then as above. Be aware that parking can be tight, so car-pooling is a good idea.