Chirurgeons Seeking Service Input

Mistress Aine, Deputy to the Pennsic War Chirurgeon, is seeking input from non-chirurgeons to improve service at Chirurgeon's Point. Mistress Aine writes:

Greetings Good Gentles,

In an effort to improve service at Chirurgeons Point this Pennsic we are seeking your input.

Please let us know what we have done well and what we can improve. If you have been treated in the past at the Point we welcome your input. If you have worked with a chirurgeon outside of the Point at Pennsic (battle field, ranges, barn, etc) please send us your comments. We would ask that you use the past 5 years as a timeframe. If you feel we have done poorly, feel free to include suggestions for improvement.

We would ask that the criticism be honest, yet gentle. We would ask that you sign your name so that we may contact you to discuss any serious issues. Please send all replies to me privately so we do not tie up the list. Please use the phrase " Pennsic Input" in the subject line as I delete all mail from unknown folks.

Input is asked of non chirurgeons only at this time.

In service,