SCA and Markland at Village Renaissance Fair

The citizens of Wrightstown, PA interacted with Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham, while members of the SCA and the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia offered demonstrations of medieval combat and crafts at the recent Wrightstown Library Village Renaissance Faire. Manasee Wagh of the Bucks County Courier Times has the story.

Wag spoke to SCA member Melissa deMatos: "I was looking for a way to feel like I was back in that time," said deMatos, a graphic designer who used the medieval name Lianor at the fair. "A lot of people in the group are in high tech jobs. I go to get away from modern technology. I got into weaving trim that would be sewn on people's clothing back then and working with silk and embroidery. I love the dancing of the time, too. It's very pretty and stately."

Markland members provided an armored combat demonstration. "We use swords, bows and arrows, flails (maces with chains), spears and axes. We re-create fighting, but also the arts and sciences of the time,'' said David Lindsay of Quakertown, who was playing Sir Gunther Neiman, a German knight.