Lions Road podcast returns for Season 2

Bringing the known world together on-line the Lions Road  continues podcasting its weekly show about the SCA, history and fun.

As before, the podcast remains free, independent, non-commercial, and non-profit.

Tryggvy, co-host of the podcast, says, "We just modified our format to a call in/interview and host show. So you will still catch the best parts of our traditional show and add to that voice from across the known world as we expand to include all of the known world."

Upcoming Lions Road Podcast topics include:

September 28th: All Knight Long Round Table

We ain’t talking sewing tonight. Round table of white belts speak about the current state of the Medieval Combat Art.

October 5th: Autocrats Roundup

We bring together a team of highly effective Autocrats and have a conversation about the fun and trails of running an event.

October 12th: Baronial Reflections

Talking to a Baron who has a few years under his belt. We return to follow up with our favorite Baron from Season one to see how things have changed two years down the line.