[NOR] Fall Fest

The Barony of Windhaven presents Fall Fest September 24-26, 2010 Holtwood Park, Oconto, Wisconsin.

Directions: take hwy 41 N, exit R on Oconto/41 Business, turn L on McDonald St, Turn R on Holtwood Way.

Site Fee: $10 (under 5 free)
Tent Fee: $2 per tent
Merchant Fee: none, must pre-reg, each booth = 1 tent

Amenities: Portas w/handwash stations, Flushies, Coin-op Showers, RV camping available through campground, electricity in loud camping area, wet site, fire rings provided in loud camping, firewood & ice for sale on site

Nearby Stores: Country Market (groceries, liquor, firewood), BP (gas, convenience store, firewood), Mobil Gas, Arby's, McDonald's, Happy Garden China Buffet, Oconto Motel, Ace Hardware

Activities: bardic/drumming, armored combat, light combat, archery, dancing, baronial court

Schedule (subject to change):
8am-12pm Set Up
12pm to Dusk - Troll open, pick up fighting, authorizations
Dusk - Bardic & Drumming in loud camping
8am-3pm Troll
10am - Inspections & Authorizations
11am - First Melees & Archery
1pm - Lunch Break
2pm - Tourneys
4pm - Second & Third Melees
Kingdom/Baronial Court *at HrRM/HEs pleasure
Dusk - Dancing (in the pavillion)
site closes at noon

Armored Combat Events:

    * Baronial Campionship/Toys for Tots Tourney (open to any)
    * Chalice Tourney (unbelted)
    * Melee #1: Sheep Ball
    * Melee #2: Sheep Raiding
    * Melee #3: Hide and Go Sheep

Rapier Combat Events:

    * Baronial Championship/Toys for Tots Tourney (Swiss Round Tourney) (open to any)
    * Poker Chip Tournament: Timed tournament. Each fencer starts off with single sword. Fencers may pay poker chips to acquire another style. There is no bracket, fencers fight as many bouts as they can within the time limit. When a fencer wins a bout they get to randomly pull a poker chip from a sack. Some chips are worth more than others. Fencers can also bet/gamble there chips as well. The fencer with the most amount of chips when time is called wins.
    * Melee #1 Coach Robbing
    * Melee #2 Escort Mission
    * Melee #3 Woods Battle.
      Note: Rubber Band Guns will be allowed for Coach Robbing and Escort Mission melees.

Archery: 50 yard shoot, 20 yard shoot