Pennsic Artisans' Row quest and survey

THL Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Dean of the School of Applied Arts (Artisans Row) for Pennsic University 39, requests the help of Pennsic attendees to locate a lost item and to fill out a survey relating to the activity.

Her Ladyship writes:

On Friday night, Aug. 13th, a white tote bag with black web handles and a woodblock print was taken
from the Ladies Restroom at the Bathhouse by the Barn at Cooper's Lake. The contents of the tote
bag were all of the records for Artisans Row. So far, no one has responded to the offer of a reward for its return.

Thanks to the efforts of Mistress Jessa d'Avondale and THLady Finnseach de Locheil, an online survey has been created in order to recapture some of the reactions to the Pennsic Artisans Row, this year. The survey is located on the Pennsic war website and linked below.

Please go fill in the survey. We would like to get reactions from anyone who was part of an organized group on Artisans Row, or even anyone who wandered by on the street and was interested enough to stop in. (Or not -- we'd love to get the negative comments, as well.)

And please pass this link along to anyone or any e-mail list or online site where someone might be
lurking and interested in commenting on Artisans Row at Pennsic. We want to hear about your
experiences, and get feedback on how you would like to see it changed for next year.

Thank you all! Your participation (both with the survey and at Pennsic this year) is greatly appreciated!

In Service,

Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn
Dean of the School of Applied Arts (Artisans Row)
Pennsic University 39