[LOC] Tourney of the Yellow Rose

As is the tradition in Radburne, the Tourney of the Yellow Rose, in celebration of friendship will be held on the first Saturday of November, that being the 6th of the month.

Tourney style will be round robin with the winner of each bout presenting a yellow rose to the spectator of their choice.

IKAC will be held from half past ten in the morn with lunch of ‘sausage in a bun’ to be served at the conclusion. Socialising and gentler activities will be held through the heat of the day with the Tourney of the Yellow Rose to commence at four in the afternoon. A potluck feast (please bring a plate of food to share) will be held in the evening after the fighting. Guests are welcome to stay as long into the evening as they would like. (Camping space available on request.) It is requested that all who attend the potluck feast have an item of entertainment to present – this could be a poem, singing, riddle or anything else you may wish to do.

This celebration of friendship will be held at Dragon Hill, 29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW.

-    10 gold for adult members
-    12 gold for adult non members
-    5 gold for children 6 – 17 years
-    Under 6 free
-    Family rate at the Steward’s discretion

For further information or to book, please contact the Steward, Lady Katrijn van Delden  katrijn.van.delden@gmail.com

Bookings appreciated by 31 October to ensure enough amenities are available.