Tribune Darius Aurelius Serpentus wins Eastern Crown

Tribune Darius Aurelius Serpentus has won the Eastern Crown for Countess Roxane Farabi. 26 October A.S. XXXVII

The finest and bravest of the Eastern fighters gathered for a day of combat in the kingdom's northern region in the Barony of Stonemarche. Their Excellencies of Stonemarche, Master Harold and Mistress Megan, opened their lands to the 60 combatants and their consorts for a glorious day of chivalry, pageantry, and tournament.

The day started out with Their Majesties Andreas II and Isabella II calling all the combatants and their consorts into court and then speaking with each pair individually as they processed. Eight lists were set up, with each bout going very smoothly. The ladies at the Lists table, Marshals, runners and water bearers all did their jobs with grace and speed.

As the day wound down, four of the most skilled Eastern fighters emerged to enter the Semi-Finals. They were Tribune Darius Aurelius Serpentus, Kenrick Byrne of Northampton, Duke Sir Randall of the Dark, and Sir Thorson. Each combatant was then grandly heralded onto the lists for each bout.

Darius fought Thorson, both men entering the lists with sword and shield. Thorson lost his sword arm to Darius and then switched over to two-sword before losing to a killing blow.

Next was Randal versus Kenrick. Both men also chose sword and shield as their weapons. Each combatant took many blows before Kenrick was able to deliver a final killing blow to Randal.

This then left the field to two finalists, each of whom advanced through the lists undefeated throughout the day. Tribune Darius Aurelius Serpentus fought for the honor of his lady, Countess Roxane Farabi, and Sir Kenrick Burne fought for the honor of his lady, Baroness Avelina Keys. It was decided that the final rounds would be best 2 of 3 with each combatant choosing a weapon and His Majesty choosing the final weapon. His Majesty stepped out into the lists and addressed the populace, speaking of honor and chivalry. He was proud of the two who came before him, announcing that he would have been very honored to have either one of them as his heir. Each combatant then paid honor to their ladies, each in their own tender way. Honor was paid to the crowd gathered, with many cheers and much applause. Finally, they were asked to honor each other with a generous bear hug.

The first-round weapon of sword and shield was selected by Sir Darius. After many blows back and forth, Darius killed Kenrick with a blow to the head.

The second-round weapon of sword and shield was selected by Sir Kenrick. Again, after many blows, Darius was the victor.

Removing his helm and gloves, Darius swept Roxane off her feet, twirling her around to celebrate his triumph. He then once again hugged Kenrick, thanking him for the honor of the tournament. Their Majesties then proclaimed Darius & Rosane heirs to the Easten Crown.