[CAL] Coronation Fall 2010

It is time to unify the tribes of the steppe! A warlord tourney will be held in honor of our Mongol Crown. Come, join us for a day of celebration, fun, fighting and feasting as TRH Ashir and Maerwyn ascend to the Calon Throne!

Fall Coronation 2010
Sokol Hall South, 2010 U St, Omaha, NE 68107
Site Opens at 9am and will close at 9pm.

Site fee: $8 for adults ($5 NMS), $5 for children under 19 years of age, $30 cap for families. (not including NMS). Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.- Barony of the Lonely Tower.

Please note: in Nebraska, the age of majority is 19, those 18 or under must have a completed minors waiver.

Feast: $9 per person. (There will be tables for those who wish to attend off-board.)

A tavern will be available on site and several restaurants are within a few minutes of site. The site is wet and the hall operates a bar on premises. All alcoholic beverages must remain indoors. The bar will be closed prior to court and remain closed until court has ended.

Driving Directions: Take your favorite route to I-80 and Highway 75 (Kennedy Freeway) in Omaha. From I-80 take Hwy 75 (Kennedy Freeway) South to Q Street. Turn left onto Q Street and drive approx 3 blocks to 20th Street. Turn right on 20th Street, drive south 4 blocks to U Street. The site is on the southwest corner of 20th and U Streets.

An A&S Competition will be held, sponsored by Lord Miklos, the theme is "Best Single Heraldic Item at the Feast Table"

  • Have only one heraldic item that is part of your feast gear? No problem!
  • Have a full set of feast gear that displays your device and/or badge? Bring it!
  • Bowl, Plate, Goblet, Mug, Pitcher, Tablecloth, Napkin.  No matter what it is - come show it off!
  • Items will be judged individually, so it doesn't matter if you have a full set of feast gear or a single item.