[WES] Newcomers' Feast

The Shire of Pavlok Gorod invites one and all to attend the Newcomers' Feast: "A Royal Feast in Germany."  Savor the simple yet sophisticated dishes of German cooks of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Activities include live chess, medieval board games, bean bag castle siege, classes, and an exhibition of rapier combat, with musical entertainment during the feast.  A&S competitions include turn shoes, sprang weaving, bobbin lace, and drop spindle work.  

Site Information: Spring Hill Hall.  The site opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m.  The feast begins at 2 P.M. 

Site fee is $17 for adults.  Children (5-12) $8.  Under 5 free.  $5 discount for paid SCA members. 

Housing, local transportation, and hospitality will be joyfully provided to off island guests.  Please contact Mistress Tama ASAP to make arrangements. 

Autocrat: Gwenhwyfar ferch Rinn  jenniferhansen@gci.net.  
                  Directions: From the airport,
                  take Rezanof Drive through town.  Go around the curve
                  just past the 45 MPH speed
                  limit sign on the far side of town, then look for St. Paul
                  Lutheran Church on your
                  left.  Turn into the church driveway.  Springhill
                  Hall is just behind the church.