[MID] Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a premier event of the fall season, and is held at Camp Mary Orton, 7925 N High St, Columbus OH 43235.

Site is open at 5pm on Friday 10/15 and closed at 10 am Sunday 10/17 Camp owners close the gates at 11 pm and reopen them at 8 am.

Site has hot showers and is discreetly damp. Camping will be divided into family and (discreetly) noisy viking sections.

Things to do while at Red Dragon...

  • Camping: Red Dragon will have camping from 5pm on Friday the 15th until 10am on the 17th. Come and join the fun!
  • Heavy Combat: There will be more combat than you can swing a stick at!
  • Light Combat: More light combat than you can poke a rapier at!
  • Classes: What's better than learning something new, or making something cool?
  • Archery: What's more fun than swinging stick? Shooting them!
  • Thrown Weapons: Fun was never so deadly.
  • Feast & Dance: You like to eat, we like to cook! Eat until you stop, dance and eat some more.
  • Merchants: Come to play or come to shop, Red Dragon is for you.