[MID] Royal Hunt

As the summer heat fades rapidly and the hard memories of the Pennsic campaign grow into boastful stories, Their Newly Crowned Majesties look to take a holiday in their country lands for a leisurely time of feasting, gaming, storytelling, and celebrating the great horsemanship of the Midrealm in the first annual Royal Hunt!

Opens 10 AM on Friday the 22nd!
8099 Maysville Rd
Carlisle, KY 40311

-$7, A portion of this fee goes as a donation to the horse rescue on site!
-$5 non-member surcharge where applicable.

-There is primitive camping only. Porta-Pottys will be provided, and there are water spigots accessible, but no mundane showers.
-There is a creek on site near the camping that may be played in, but we ask that you watch any children whenever they go near it for their own safety.
-Ground fires are acceptable, and firewood will be sold on site for $5. There will also be a common fire tended throughout the weekend.
-The site is 5 minutes from a convenience store and 13 minutes from a grocery.

We hope to have many interesting things going on throughout the weekend! You can look forward to food, gambling, fighting, equestrian activities, and general good times.

There will be jousting, mounted combat, a hunt themed challenge course, and possibly a mounted archery range! Authorizations will also be offered. For more information on the games, and also to notify our Equestrian Marshall-in-Charge if you plan to bring horses, please contact Raynold of Wharram: ray nold@eligius.org.

A & S
If you would like to help make an A&S demo, display, or workshop happen, please contact Arnulf Ullrson: trowel sort@gmail.com.

There are plans for a lunch tavern (prices and menu forthcoming), and maybe a dinner (free! but donations would be very welcome).

We hope to have a small market, and would love it if you would like to join Their Majesties to sell your latest and greatest wares! No extra fees, and power is available (you must bring your own extension chords, however).

For more information, contact Baroness Miranda: mirandastone8@hotmail.com