[EAL] Masquerade 2010

You are invited to join us on October 16, 2010 for a beaufiful event planned in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova - Masquerade 2010!

The Masquerade:
Dancing, Fighting (Heavy and Fencing), A&S, Feast. The event will feature a masked ball in the evening. Classes through the day will teach all the ball dances. Don't have a mask?  Your site token will be quite useful!

Your finest garb, royal, baronial, and personal presenses/banners are encouraged to beautify the ballroom and feast.

The Gift Of Knowledge
Arts & Sciences tables will be available throughout the day. The shire of Trinovantia Nova calls upon our learned fighters, artisans, dancers, and other knowledgeable guests to share their knowledge with a class or two. Please email Trino_Masq2010@yahoo.com to let us know what you are available to teach in one hour increments.
Masquerade Pas D’Armes

In keeping with the theme of the day, participants are asked to consider the appearance of their kit, and are asked to bear some representation of their personal heraldry and/or colours upon the field at all times.

We are asking that all participants provide a copy of their personal device on a regular-sized 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, with the short edges at the bottom and top (also known as “portrait” orientation).

Also, as there is some preparation work involved in this tournament, we ask that you contact Wulfgang at (cadman882001@yahoo.com) by Huntsman’s Harvest if you intend to join us.

10:00 AM – Site opens, inspections and authorizations to take place in the morning.

12:30 PM – Processional of Combatants and Consorts in the gym before Their Majesties (or Highnesses, or the highest ranking couple in attendance according to Order of Precedence). Consorts to be escorted to the Gallery.

1:30 PM – Tournament begins. Tournament will be a SINGLE elimination, with weapon styles and shield sizes appropriate for such endeavors.

Gallery attendants will be available to meet the needs of the Consorts.

Once the tournament is complete, the list will remain open until feast for more expressions of Combat Joy.

Consorts are asked to bring ribbons to tie around the arm of their campion during presentation to VIPs. For those that do not bring ribbons, Beth will have some available at troll.

Saturday, October 16, 2010. Site opens at 10:00am and will close at 11:00pm.

St. Joseph's Secondary School. 100 Bill Martyn Parkway, Rural Route #4, St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 6A7 **Same site as Winter War!

Member: $10 + $1 KET ($11 total)
Non-Member: $10 + $5 non-member surcharge + $1 KET ($16 total)
Youth (16 and under): $5
Children (6 and under): Free
Family Cap: 2 adults and 1 child
Lunch: $5
Feast: $8
*** Feast must be pre-registered no later than 5 days before Masquerade to allow for event planning. ***