[ATE] Granite Mountain Collegium

Granite Mountain invites all to join them at their annual Collegium event, to be
held at Memory Park/Senior Center in Chino Valley, Arizona on September 18, 2010.

The site will open at 9 am for class sign up and classes will begin at 10 am. Some classes have size limits so early arrival is recommended. Site will close around 5pm. Classes will be held indoors and will include enameling, cordial making, basic sewing, herbalisim and much more.

Outside there will be classes on fighting AND the Knights of St Michael will be
holding their Michaelmas hard suit tournaments. There will be 2 tournaments, the Defenders tournament and the Knight's Challenge. Tournaments are open to all fighters. Please contact Sir Brian the Pious at kod_x@yahoo.com with any questions regarding tournaments.

There are still a few spots open for instructors so if anyone would like to bring their skills with them and teach a class please contact the event steward Lady Banbha O'Driscoll at Chronicler@granitemountain.org

At the event we will be holding an auction. This will not be your standard auction, but rather we will be hosting a silent auction of superior skills and products. Anyone wishing to donate a product or skill to benefit the Granite Mountain is welcome to contact the event steward. There will be a minimum bid on each item or skill. Here is your chance to show off your abilities to Granite Mountain and all visitors so please participate.

Site fee is $5 for adult members, $10 for adult non members and children under 17 will be free. If you will only be attending the hard suit tournaments there will be no site fee but please come to troll so you can sign your waivers.

To find us from the north take your best route to the I40. Follow it to Ash Fork, then get on Hwy 89. Follow that into Chino Valley. Turn right on Rd 3 North, then left on Rd 1 West. The site is a short distance on the right, signs will be posted. To find us from the south take your best route to I17 to Hwy 69. Follow it to the Hwy 89 exit, which will take you into Chino Valley. Turn left onto Rd 3 North, then left on Rd 1 West. The site is a short distance on the right, signs will be posted.