[ATE] Michaelmas Tourney

Come and join the Knights of St. Michael as they celebrate their annual
Michaelmas Tourney Saturday, September 18th.

Site will open approximately at 9AM and the first tournament will start at Noon. The Shire of Granite Mountain will be hosting the Knights of St. Michael in support of this event. The Tournaments will be held along side Granite Mountains Collegium event. All normal SCA rules will apply.

Location: Chino Valley Senior Center
1021 West Butterfield Road
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
(928) 636-9114

Defender of Michaelmas Tourney: Non-belted, weapon of choice. Prize for tourney
winner and title of defender decided by knights in attendance.

Challenge-the-Knights-Tournament: Open to all hard suit fighters. Fight the
knights in attendance with a variety of weapons choices.

Contact Info:
Sir Brian the Pious, kod_x@yahoo.com