[MID] Procrastinator's Brawl in the Fall

So. It is time for the Annual Procrastinators' Brawl in the Fall. It's on September 10 - 12, 2010, at Camp Rotary in Ray Township.

We've got autocrats; Lady Milena di Martino and Lady Dyfwen Wen Ysginydd

It'll cost you $7 each to get in, and if you have lots 'o kids, we won't charge more than $25 for the lot of you. (We like families, so we family cap.) Now, if you're not a member, you still have to pay $5 extra...for each and every non-member. Sorry, them's the rules. We don't have many, but that's one.

Camp Rotary, 20505 29 Mile Road, Ray Township, MI 48096

Site opens 6 pm Friday, and closes down noon Sunday.

Site Fee $7 for members, $25 family cap. Children under 13 free. $5 non-member surcharge not included in cap. No table fee for merchants. Feast $8 person, Children's Feast $3.

Contact Lady Milena di Martino or Lady Dyfwn Wen Ysginydd for pre-reg information.  Pre-registrations should be made payable to: SCA, Inc. – Canton of Brackendelve

Hosted by The Canton of Brackendelve...we put the FU in FUN!

Fighting: There will be some. Probably a tournament of some kind. Bring lots of weapons, we may pick whatever there is the most of. There will probably be a little bit of melee, and some pickups. You know, the usual stuff. Sir Donas McNair likes hitting people with sticks, and he's good at it, so we put him in charge of that.....

Fencing: Same thing.

Youth Boffers: We wouldn't want the "little ones" to feel left out, so Lord Kazmer has volunteered to lead fighing for those youngsters and teens authorized to fight. Come watch them at some point....these are the boys (and girls) that will be kicking your proverbial tuchases in a few years....

Archery: Yep. Bring some bows and arrows. Try not to shoot the fighters right next to the field...Baron Tarquin and Baroness Aibhlin are in charge.

Thrown Weapons: Axes, knives, shuriken....if it's sharp and throwable, we wanna see it. Brother Bartholomew MacMolan of Altenburg is running this.

Camping: Well, since we've got the camp for three days we might as well use it. You can get there 'round dinner time, you know, sixish, and troll will be open....as long as The Troll is happy. Probably 'till midnight Friday night. We wake The Troll up again at eight...he/she/it might be a tad cranky, but will still happily take your money and tell you where to go.

Camping is "primitive" but there are nice washrooms...and SHOWERS!  Unisex, so don't send the little ones in alone - besides, family showers save water. AND there is a creek....not very deep, but it'll get most of the stink off...bring a bathing suit, though, we don't wanna get busted for skinny dippers.

Site is discreetly wet. Again, try to behave,..creek, etc. etc. Dogs on a leash OK, but if they swim in the creek, don't let 'em near me. Wet dog, ewwwww. Everybody out of the pool by noon Sunday. Umm, meaning ya don't gotta go home, but you can't stay here. There isn't actually a pool. There's a creek....you know...

Merchants: If you're brave/crazy enough to come to this we'd love to have you. Bring stuff, bring tables, bring a tent. Since we aren't actually GIVING you anything there is no table fee...... Talk to Lady Milena about it. Merchant list is over here.

Lunch Tavern: There will be one. With food. Really. ANND we finally know at least some of what will be served. We've snookered Lady Rhuah into cooking, muahahahahaha, so talk to her about it. Menu listed here. But don't quote us; see details for feast.

Feast: There will be one. With food. Really. Costs $8. Each. And you know the reputation of Brackendelve cooks....we're GOOOOODDD. A menu is listed over here...but we reserve the right to change it at the last minute if we can't get the roast dragon....you know, if dogs are allowed...Well, they don't call 'em "Chow-Chows" for nothin'....If we combine archery with feast.....Lady Sigrid Grimmsdottir and Lady Kadlin Oddsdottir is cookin'. Talk to them...if you dare....And the kiddies don't have to rely on dancing for scraps...we've got a feast specially for them. $3 each gets your little darlins' fed. The last Children's Feast we had was so good we had a king sneaking over to the kids' table....

Dancing: MAYBE. Since the site is wet, there's liable to be dancing. (And singing, and other things best not mentioned here.) Not on the tables, please. The dancing, that is. Come to think of it...don't do any of the other stuff on the tables either.....Startin' up...ummm, sometime after feast. Hall closes up at midnight Saturday. Lady Jlona said she'd lead it, but only if a) someone brings a "Bard in the Box" and b) she gets enough people, so make her happy and show up. Ladies LOVE a man who can dance....just sayin'...

Adult Beverages: HOORAY! There's going to be a Brewers and Vintner's Panel. Bring your best and Lord Trelogin Tavistok will let you know how you did. And he should know, he Laurelled in brewing....

A&S: Now THIS we know about. We'll be holding the traditional Procrastinator's Faire. Bring your best project never started, best project in progress, best project finished the night before...you know. Documentation...optional (well, sort of. If you put a stick on the table for "best project never started", we kinda need to know what the stick was supposed to be.) If the A&S judges actually get their butts in gear, there may even be PRIZES. And if you're actually SERIOUS about this stuff...we can do a real populace voted, bean droppin' fair. Documentation in THAT one...not so optional