[ATE] Southern Crusades XII

The southern baronies ask all to join them in our battle against the Olympians upon the battlefield at Winkelman Flats Park in Winkelman, AZ as we host Southern Crusades XII: Gods & Monsters.

Whether you are an artisan, an archer, a bard, a brewer, a child, a cook, a cooper, a dancer, a drummer, a fighter, a youth – a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker – Southern Crusades will have a little bit of something for everyone to do. There will also be a newcomer's encampment open to anyone who is interested.

Site Fees: Adult members who pre-register on ACCEPS will pay only $20, vs. $30 at the gate. The fee for Youth between the ages of 5-17, is $8. No site fee for youth under five (5) years of age. The Family Cap – available ONLY to those who pre-register on ACCEPS – is $55. (To be eligible for the family camp, all registrants must be current members living at the same physical address and include no more than two (2) adults and any number of their children.) The fee for a day trip is $15 per day. Non-member surcharge is $5.

Main Autocrats: Lord Ruadhan MacCumhal mains@southerncrusades.org & THL Vallawulf Rurikson mains@southerncrusades.org / Site Autocrat: Lord Reynier de Vriere  site@southerncrusades.org